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Digital Doctor

Well-known member
The best Addon option thus far is XenPorta.

Another option is Wordpress.
with (1) Wordpress Integration and (2) Wordpress Theme
(1) = addon, (2) = style. *both of these are available in the Addons section.

A third option is trying to set a "Pages" page as the Home Page.

An outstanding limitation of Xenforo is that when someone goes to www.yoursite.com they are automatically routed to the Forums. :( There have been many requests to change this behaviour.

One important point is to install your xenforo in the /community subdirectory.
This helps in installing other software (Wordpress) or with .htaccess edits.
But I suppose it's too late for that for you now eh ?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
I'm using a "Page" for my home page.
On my existing phpBB site I did a custom home page but I had to create a wrapper for the forum, edit templates, duplicate the style, etc. which was a lot of work.

With Pages I can just write the HTML/CSS as the header, footer, navbar, etc. already exist.

I have however removed the breadcrumbs from the Home "Page" to set it apart from the rest of the forum.

If you know how to do HTML markup then it will be quite easy to add blocks of content.
Here's one of my Pages I finished yesterday.