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Hi folks,

I'm new to the community and not a WebMaster by trade! I have downloaded and installed xenForo with the Flexile Dark Style. However, when I click on the 'Home' Tab it just takes me to the back to the forums.

Does anyone know how I can integrate a 'Home' Page? Is there an additional addon which would let me do this? For some reason, I was under the impression that Flexile had a homepage incorporated into it.

Also, for the icons for Read and Unread messages - can someone point me in the right direction to 'change' the images?



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There is no home page by default, you will have to create your own and set the path in the ACP.

As an example, I'm using a XenForo Page as my home page: http://cliptheapex.com/

You could look at installing a portal - there are a few add-ons available.

To change the icons, just upload new ones with the same file name, overwriting the existing ones.
Okay, couldn't find a portal. Will probably install WordPress.

Another question - how can I edit the names of users in various groups. For instance, the Administrators name will show as RED, but I want the users name to appears as BLUE on the forums...