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I curently have a laptop running windows 7, desktop running windows 7 and a desktop running windows xp on my home network. My question is....Can I share information across all 3 computers even though 1 desktop is running windows xp?



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Lots of ways to skin this cat. How do you use the computers, what data do you want to share and how are they networked?
They are all linked by a router. Basically I am going to use the windows xp desktop as a placed to store files instead of cluttering up my other computers. That is why I was asking if its possible to access the windows xp desktop with the windows 7 desktop. Going to store photos, media, files, etc etc...


Fred Sherman

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Wireless router? What make and model number? Many current wireless routers support attaching a USB drive which allow them to provide an SMB fileshare. Another option is to either create a drive partition or add a drive to the XP server and have it share the file, but you'll need to set up all your systems in the same workgroup.
A third option is free iSCSI server software such as http://www.kernsafe.com/product.aspx?id=5, although I would personally recommend the personal license at $99. You could load your XP server full of any storage you want and serve it out to your entire network.

Sadik B

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if you have a wireless router, then you can already share files through windows file sharing. On your Windows XP computer, share all the folders which you want to access from other computers. And then from your other computers go to run and type your IP like this \\ (use ur shared pc's IP)

Digital Doctor

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What you are describing is a serverless "Peer to Peer" network (if you want to read more).
Where on your XP computer, you setup a directory share.
It really works well if you have the same login/password on all the computers - as you will be automatically logged into the other computers (the "share" won't continually ask for logins).

Dropbox is another option (www.dropbox.com)
You essentially setup dropbox on all 3 computers and it will handle the syncing.
It is free for sharing under 2 Gigs.
It sync surprisingly fast.
The other benefit of this ... is (1) the files are ONLINE = a remote backup, (2) the files are on ALL the computers (3 copies is safer than 1), and (3) you can take the laptop, work on the files offline, then when your laptop connects to your WIFI, all the syncing will be done .. automatically !
Dropbox also, FOR FREE, versions your files . :)

Dropbox is also easy to deploy. I say get that going first ... and see if that meets your needs :)