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Hi Everyone

I am VERY NEW to XenForo. I have a question about the Home Button, I have been to many XenForo sites and noticed that when you click on there home buttons you get a page? How to I go about assigning or making a page for the home button? On my site when I click on the Home Button I get the forum? Could someone help me in this matter and again I am very new with the software you may have to be very explicit with your explanation.

Thank You


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You can set which page you want to be the Home page in your ACP. A lot of people use the xenporta news portal addon but you can do it with any page.


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Hi Rob

GREAT but how to I do that you stated that I can change the home button but were in the ACP do I fond that? Remember I am very new and I am still learning the well ropes lol.