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Holiday Joy

Holiday Joy 1.0.1a

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Is there a way to have this only set for one style? I am working on an xmas style and want to keep it hidden until ready to launch.


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Hi install it, and in one of two styles don 't snow, only show the figures. please tell me why ?
Hi, not sure the problem you're having, the screenshot is showing both snow and the icons. What's the other style it's having problem on?


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This add-on kind of conflicts with the arrows when you have collapsible nodes enabled.
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Extra.css, little adjustment for it:

.categoryTextRight {
    padding-right: 20px;
(only works on xenbase collapse function).

In this style snow falling. In other style no. Please tell me why if you now. Thanks
I'd need a login with admin access, Casual style only modifies a single template I believe so I'm not sure what would be causing the issue.


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@Russ , why didn't you tell me about this before!?!?! I love it (and my members will too!)

under admin > appearance > theme template > holiday_joy.css
the distance is this section
BRILLIANT, thanks for this!!!

My only other question: Is there a way to customize the quantity of snowflakes?


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I lied... one more question: I didn't see where to customize the holly icon / image (or turn it off completely)?:

Since I'm getting duplicates from hidden advertising sections, it might be good for me to turn it off completely:

... nevermind, it's turning off the "Enable Sidebar Snow":

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