Hmmm "Building" might be a tad optimistic...


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LOL :p

don't let your imagination hold you back from seeing the full potential.
Somehow I don't think it's my "imagination" that would be holding me back from that one.. probably more like the 200,000 Euros in structural engineering and rebuilding. ;)


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So a couple of bricks piled on top of one another with a few trees thrown in for good measure nowadays is called a "Cottage" in France?

Heh. Reminds me of the book Freakonomics, where they dive into the jargon used by real estate agents. For instance:

“Fantastic,” meanwhile, is a dangerously ambiguous adjective, as is “charming.” Both these words seem to be real-estate agent code for a house that doesn’t have many specific attributes worth describing. “Spacious” homes, meanwhile, are often decrepit or impractical. “Great neighborhood” signals a buyer that, well, this house isn’t very nice but others nearby may be. And an exclamation point in a real estate ad is bad news for sure, a bid to paper over real shortcomings with false enthusiasm.
The best thing that could happen to that cottage is a bulldozer or a pound of C4 :D