Add-on [Hiring Developer] - Auto-Language Addon


New member

I'm hiring developer to create me one small simple addon with two features

1. Auto-Language by IP (that means when someone join site automatically site detect and set user language by their IP)
Addon must have permissions, ability to bypass it and something like this on picture just little bit more advanced


2. I purchased Dark Theme and i already have default white theme
I want button (bulb) when user press on bulb to switch between black/white theme

TimeFrame: 10 days (or less then that, no more then 10 days)
Budget: 30.00$

Important thing:
Everything has to be fully translatable and no bugs
I need it for Xenforo 2.1
Should not contain any visible brand

Feel free to contact me on PM
Skype: zekino_mudo
Discord: Gasha#4196