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High Level Overview of Xenforo Feed Parser


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I'm trying to make a similar functionality of Xenforo's Feeder where you can create blog posts using external RSS feeds in PHP.

I'm using Laravel and was wondering if anyone could give a hand on how it might be done? Here is what I have so far in pseudocode:

>Let user enter external RSS feed such as tumblr or blogger.
>Save Url to RSS_FEED table.
>Every 6 hours check for updates to every item in RSS_FEED table
>If update... -> create new blog post for every new item. Set blog post details from RSS feed such as original post url, date?, body, title, image?

I think that's pretty good. My main questions are:
1) How would I have the table check every item for an update? In laravel we have queues, is there a way to have a continuos queue or is there a better way? I would ideally like to do a check every hour or two but i guess if i have hundreds or thousands of feeds then it might be too intensive.
2) How do I check if a new blog post exists? Do I pretty much check the blog post time vs server time? Not sure what happens if server time is on a different timing than the blog post's site.

Thanks for any help. :)