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XF 1.4 high CPU


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Do you mean it is permanently at 50% or just during the installation and rebuild?

The latter is expected somewhat due to all the rebuilding which takes place.

Dakota Storm

Well-known member
Yeah it was just during the install, once it was finished the usage went back down to 0, I think maybe its time for a vps. Don't want to piss my host off.

Cheers Paul.


Well-known member
I setup one of my smaller VPS's today. Single thread running NGINX/PHP-FPM & Percona. Installing Addon's I reached 99.8% a few times. Quite often 40 to 50%. There is a TON of parsing and writing in a short burst of time. The more theme's you have the more work it has to do when installing an addon. But I would think it a bit normal. Sure it could be slown down to keep the load down but whats the point in that :) The rest of the time the board rarely taxes the server at all.