Hiding a category except if a user has permission to see its children?

Is it possible to hide a top level category if a user has no access to any of its sub categories or forums?

An example:

Category Blah Blah
Sub-category Blah (usergroups given specific access)​
Sub-forum Blah (usergroups given specific access)​

On my forum most users do not have access to the sub-categories and forums of this particular top level category (Category Blah Blah), so they simply see a lonely category bar. I'm not entirely sure how to, or if its even possible to, make it invisible to them if they don't have privs to see anything it contains.

Thanks much for any answers, guidance or advice. =)

Also... if this is a facepalmable 2 AM question, I apologize. Because it is 2 AM and that is a distinct possibility.