Lack of interest Hide total like number

On some kind of boards, it happens that like function is abused and used in a childish way. Users will compete to be the one with more likes, also exchanging likes between them, and in this way the like function won't represent if an user is really useful for the communtiy. In this way, like function could be only a damage for the forum.

It would be great if there is a function to hide the total like number from the forum, so that "like" is only an in-line post function.


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There's already a style property to control the display on profile posts.

For everything else, you can use <xen:comment></xen:comment> to comment the total likes count in the templates for each area they appear in. I don't think there are too many areas.
Hi, actually I think that it'd be quite a work to style it everywhere, not sure. It's for example also here: Notable Members | XenForo Community
By the way, from what I've read forumfree has implemented this solution too. I tried to post it here because I thought that it could have been one of the few solution possible to avoid "like" abuse, but it seems that I'm the only one thinking it XD


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You could just remove the "like posts" permission from the users that abuse it. Just write it into your t&c's that any member found to be abusing the like feature will have the like permission permanently removed. Hopefully, when they read it, it will help deter them from abusing it and if it doesn't, just remove the permission from them and when they complain to the other members that they have had their like permission removed, all you have to do is......................... "like" their post lol