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I'm trying to hide the thread list on specific nodes (nodes where people can't post).
Adding in EXTRA.CSS the following hide the thread list on every nodes:
.discussionList.section.sectionMain{display:none; !important;}
However, I'm trying to hide the thread list just on a couple of nodes. I tried the following but it doesn't seem to work:
.node.node_2 .discussionList.section.sectionMain{display:none; !important;}

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Not quite the same thing, but I just wondered if you are aware that you can do this with node permissions. (If I'm understanding correctly)

Allow a group to view the node (so it is in the forum list) but revoke permission to view threads.
Revoking view threads permission doesn't hide the thread list unfortunately. It displays an empty thread list, but it's still there.
Here's what I've tried with node permissions:

And the thread list is still displayed:

This is the result I'm looking for, but just for this node and not for every single nodes:
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Hi @Playmate,

This should work..

.node500 .discussionList.section.sectionMain {
display: none;
Where 500 is the node ID.

You definitely shouldn't need !important ..
Hi @Optic ,
It hides the thread list on every nodes on the forum. Looks like the .node parameter is not taken into consideration. It's weird because I use it for node icons and it works perfectly.

EDIT: Nevermind, it hides the thread list on sub forums only. That's progress, thanks!

EDIT: To reactivate the thread list in sub forums, I do the following:
.node3 .discussionList.section.sectionMain {display: inherit;}
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