XF 2.2 Hide public navigation on desktop

Hello i was wondering if it would be possible to hide some public navigation links from the desktop view and keep them on mobile view?
The reason for this is because the theme has limited space so i have a megamenu to show on desktop view but need the links from public navigation for mobile.
Thanks for the reply! but this isnt in my page container, i will have to reach out to theme creator

&lt;xf:foreach loop="$navTree" key="$navSection" value="$navEntry" i="$i" if="{{ $navSection != $xf.app.defaultNavigationId }}"&gt;<br> &lt;li&gt;
Change the <li> to this:

&lt;li class="nav{$navSection}"&gt;
This will give the parent level of the navigation items a class so you can hide them using css:


Your css in extra.less:

.p-nav-list li.navmembers { display: none; }
This will hide the link in the main navigation but not in the off-canvas menu.
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