XF 2.2 hide entire forums with login/register options only


hide entire forums with login/register options only

Well, I'd like the entire site (which is only forums) to be hidden behind a Login or Register, preferably in the middle of a blank screen, might be nice to have a background image. But, that's another topic. I have a private community of artists. Not public site

Is there such a setting?
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Setting the general view permission for the unregistered user group will hide all content but it would require customisation to have it appear as you want.
I installed your add-on but did not see anything change. Mainly, I'd like to hide the Notices on the login page. Or on any page that a non-registered user sees. I'd like to point sensitive information in a notice, for example. Only for members. I thought your plugin would be the answer but it didn't seem to work. It says it's cool up to 2.1 and I'm on most current version... any help would be appreciated
You don't need an addon to hide notices from guests - just make sure you check the "User is logged in" option in the User criteria for all of your notices.



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