XF 1.2 Hidden (Deleted) posts not visible to Moderators/Admin on Main page

The question I have or problem I need resolved is for a Hidden Post (deleted from view) to still show up on the main page on the forum (at least have it show up to the people who hid it from view, Moderators/Admin).

I have quite a few posts that I need to make but not have them go "live" on the site yet. I would like to make them but keep them hidden from view. The problem is that I can't see these hidden posts from the main page even when logged in. Example.... Here is a hidden post...

It was hidden using this.....

The problem is that on the main page, even when logged in as Moderator or Admin, I cant see the post. Here....

When the time comes to have them go "Live" it will be like a squirrel looking for all the nuts it hid. If the posts were hidden but at least still showed up on the main page to the people who have the power to hide them. That would make it easier to find them and then un-hide them later. I hope this rambling made some sense and somebody can help.


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You will need a custom add-on or custom development to achieve what you want. The software isn't designed to show deleted content within the main views.
That's what I was thinking. That it just wasn't a built in feature but just wanted to ask on the off chance that someone my know something. I think it is a needed feature so that when a post is hidden from view, the person who hid it and now wants to un-hide it, will be able to see it on the main page.