Hi there, I have one question


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I have fallen in love with this software and I have decided I potentially want to buy it. However, one thing is stopping me from buying it is converter compatiability.

I have an SMF 2.0.2 forum with 12,000 posts and 152 members. It's about a month old.(I wish i would have discovered Xenforo when i was creating it a month ago)

Is there a way to convert over from SMF 2.0.2 to Xenforo?

I read i have to buy a Vbulletin license which seems a bit much to me?
Hopefully not....

I love SMF but this is software is quite beautiful and I am looking to give it a shot.


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I figured as much! Okay i will give it a look and make a decision from there :)

Thanks Again Brogan.
I do like the fast responses to questions
(Couldn't get that from SMF lol)

Jake Bunce

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Your forum isn't that big. I can do your import if you want. I previously did a SMF import for this site. I just need a copy of your database (and avatars / attachments if they are in the file system). I can host it on my server so you can see the results of the import. Then if you buy XF I can give you a backup to restore on your site.


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Jack that would be great.
I have to run to class(Already late as it is)
So i can send it to you in about 2 hours, if that is okay?

What is the best way to send it to you?
And you need a full backup via Cpanel or what exactly?



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Is there a chatbox(not shoutbox) available for Xenforo?
I am currently using Ajax Chatbox on my current site and that is a big, important feature for my website.
I know shoutboxes are used but shoutboxes aren't usually updated live either(you have to manually refresh)

Jake Bunce

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What is the best way to send it to you?
And you need a full backup via Cpanel or what exactly?
Click my name and start a conversation with me. If you are comfortable giving me the FTP login for your site (or CPanel login) then that would allow me to get what I need.

*time for sleep*
I will check it out and get back with you guys!

How many Mods do you guys have? I Know XF is a fairly new software and how do I find a list of these mods and themes?
Hey Brogan(or anyone),

I took a look at the resources area but I am not able to find what i am looking for.

these are the types of things i need

1) Ajax chat(I'll be looking at taiga)

2) A Virtual store/Virtual money thing where users can "buy things"

3) A mod the notifies users that people posted. example: if i am posting here and Brogan is posting and he posts before me, it lets me know someone posted and gives me the option to go back and edit my post.

Hopefully there are mods for #2 and #3 as they are important. I am debating between Xenforo and Vbulletin, although i hear more positive things about XF.


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Yeah, vBulletin 4 is great!! You'll find tons of fans 'round here...

XF is very new, in terms of forum software and yes, there are some things "missing", if you're comparing add-on's to VB and IPB. What you're buying is a fluid, modern, intuitive piece of software that has been hand-crafted by experts. It is produced without bulk and pointless "trinkets" - it certainly isn't VB and it isn't IPB.

I actually think it would be unfair to compare XF to the other forum software products (unfair for them!). This is the home for a different kind of approach to social inclusion and progressive thinking...as far as forums go.
I understand completely :)
I think I am going to give XF a go. Just waiting on the guy to let me know if he can convert my forum over so i can make sure it is a welcome investment
and actually i have never heard of Xenforum until this morning lolol.

I was quite happy(and still am with SMF)

I just need to know if I am able to convert SMF 2.0.2 over because that is the only thing currently stopping me.