XF 1.2 hex coded data in some fields


I have xenforo 1.2.4 on my test server (php 5.4) and my live server (php 5.3),
I am wondering why data for some fields (for example secondary_group_ids) on the test server are stored in comma-based and on the live server are in hexcoded format. (352c3134)
I know they are serialized data , Is it possible to switch from the hex to comma-based on live server?


Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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xf_user.secondary_group_ids should be a comma list of integers.

Use phpmyadmin, select that table, and click the "Structure" tab on the top. Please check and compare the collations between the two databases.


Thanks for the reply,
Both tables and databases are utf8_general_ci and Xenforo is working fine on both servers.
I thinks there something in mysql settings as I dump data from the hex-coded table, Data are comma separated.
Test server is MySql 5.5.35
Live server is MariaDB 5.5.34


It seems all goes back to phpmyadmin!
I tried to fix the issue with $cfg['DisplayBinaryAsHex'] = false; but it didn't work, (phpmyadmin 4.3)
So used phpmyadmin 3.5.x (like my test server) and now it shows comma-seperated.