I asked many times xenoforo team to help me but "Paul Brogan" only said few words and always hit me there.
I requested to cahnge "members online" color becasue everyone has the same.
This was my last request - I created new user group and edit their power in forum. I gave power for editing posts by theirself but isnt working. I tested it in premissions. I noticed this problem and few weeks ago with my managers. I removed their "delete threads" power, but they still can do it. We had some problems with our design and i thought was their mistake. But they already fixed their mistakes. Now this is up to you guys :S
He again hit me there.
If you guys can help me i will be happy . Seems only one who help here is Jake Brunce.


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To clarify, I gave you the information you needed and explained what you needed to do but you are either unwilling or unable to resolve the problem.

Ticket support does not extend to logging in to your forum and setting up your permissions for you.


You even dont know what is a help. Do you know what i call a help as Jake Bunce did. He joined my forum and fixed my problem. But you only saying words much words and thats all. Better leave it to another moderator


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@khurshed XenForo ticket support helps you to the extent that you can fix the problem yourself with the information they give you. Further problems which can't be diagnosed often include logging into the forum and finding the cause (Brogan has offered to do that on several occasions for me). Some things you'll have to learn to do yourself if you're a board owner, and not doing every little thing for you is helping you to do things yourself, because along the way you're not always going to be able to rely on someone else if a problem occurs (or shouldn't anyway). On the community forums, people often volunteer to login and assist you due to the fantastic community there is here, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't learn how to do it with the advice provided. Anyway, I'm glad your problem is resolved.


Do you want pic with our convertation ? In the same pic look at his answer and Mike's answer? Mike really helped me. He always hit me outside "customers".