Help with Spam, PHP Errors and Slow Queries

I need someone to help me with my forum. I have two problems the first one being spam. The forum is inundated with spam to the point that I am overwhelmed and disgusted. I tried tweaking the settings but can't figure it out. The second problem is after I try and log-in I get "Unable to serve request" and "Site temporarily unavailable. Connection timed out - please try again." My host said that there are php errors within the php_errors.log and there are some slow queries on the 403940_xenforo database. I have no clue how to go about fixing that.

I need someone to:

-Upgrade to lasted version
-Clean the forum of spam
-Adjust the settings so it stops being bombarded with spam
-Fix the php errors and slow queries

Please comment or message me with your hourly rate or flat fee that you will charge me to do this.


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First 3 issues are pretty easy. The errors are likely from your host. Who are you using? XF is pretty stable unless you're using some custom addons that are causing the errors and slow queries.


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Your ticket related to the page loading issues has been resolved.

As Mike stated in the ticket, 1.4 should help significantly.
It is currently at beta status.