XF 1 Help with implementing mobile ads in Xenforo


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We need help with implementing:
  • Mobile ads (script/tags are available) for Xenforo, and try and make sure that they load as fast as possible/doesn't conflict with our desktop ads and vice versa.
  • Lazy load for the mobile ads.
  • Making sure our full screen ads load only after the first page view/visit (prestitials ads).
  • Sticky ads.
  • Optimizations for faster ad rendering - if possible (we have low in screen values that we'd wish to try and improve).
We're trying comply with the Google Guidelines, so any experience on this topic would of course be great: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-cee/insights-trends/research-data/creating-better-ad-experiences-everyone/

If you have experience with both Xenforo and ads/ad optimization - please get in touch and drop us a few lines about previous experience and hourly rate. (If you're also familiar with Wordpress, that's a bonus :) )
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