XF 1.3 Help with banner?

damn.. Just realized this should probably be in the Styling and Customization help forum..

Hey. (UI.X) I got a problem with a banner.. I would like to use my banner

On the top of my website (http://www.ironraid.co/forum/index.php) which I accomplished by basically adding it directly on to my background picture. As I have no clue how to put it on as a banner and make it clickable etc.

So I removed my Slogan and banner text from UI.X and left it empty so the banner would show nicely.. (Even being just a part of my background.
Then I encountered this problem

A broken image on top of the "banner".

So my problems that I would love to get help with are.
- Removal of the broken image i have no idea were is from.
- A way to make the banner a clickable banner and not just a paste on a background image.

Thanks Xenforo :)

Edit: **** my banner was huge :3
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