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Help to test my Contentteller CMS bridged xenForo install.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoctorWatsOn, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. DoctorWatsOn

    DoctorWatsOn Well-Known Member

    OK, this is a seriously basic test install from the point of view I’ve not even worked out how to put a forum link in the Contentteller (Ct) header, so forget any thoughts of styling the two software components the same at the moment – lol. :D EDIT: *I've added the forum link & changed the header colours in Ct to match my xF header*

    All I am doing is checking that the bridging of the two is working; it seems to be, from my very limited testing so far:

    1 – You seem to be able to log into xF or Ct and it logs you into both parts of site. EDIT: *slight problem with this, see post 11* EDIT 2: *Phillip from Contentteller has issued a fix for this, which will also be included in the next version - 2.1.7*

    2 – You can click to register in Ct and it takes you to the xF login page – you can register, but it currently takes you back to the Wordpress home page of my xF, that’ll need changing. EDIT: *I've changed that*

    3 – When you post a comment in a Ct article (click comment link at top of article) it pulls in your avatar from xF.

    That’s about as far as I’ve got, so if you fancy helping to test it – registration doesn’t require e-mail confirmation, so you can throw in any made-up e-mail address.

    Test link to an article: http://doctorwatson.info/contentteller/index.php?/articles_pages/radio_caroline_2,1.html

    - register via the link at the top of that page.

    Link to xF test install: http://doctorwatson.info/xF_test/index.php

    EDIT - Please note all the links to the test install will no longer work -
    I have a licence now and I've started building the new site here.
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  2. -GR-

    -GR- Well-Known Member

    That is great Doc. I will try and help test this weekend when I have a little more time.
  3. Weiyan

    Weiyan Well-Known Member

    I will help to test the utf-8 Chinese of ct. Should u turn on use non-ascii username of xf pls. I will test whether the uname accept Chinese chars. The wd bridge fails with ch. uname.
  4. -GR-

    -GR- Well-Known Member

    Doc, can you activate more modules and also have it use the xf style?
  5. jonsidneyb

    jonsidneyb Well-Known Member

    Thanks for doing this. :)
  6. jonsidneyb

    jonsidneyb Well-Known Member

    I am interested if it can use the xF style as well.
  7. DoctorWatsOn

    DoctorWatsOn Well-Known Member

    I would if I knew how to, I assume you can do this somewhere in the xF control panel, if you can tell me where to find it I'll give it go. [​IMG]

    I'll activate various things today, I didn't get very far with it yesterday because of the delay in getting it installed and a mate had turned-up so we started drinking. [​IMG] < Well I am off work till the New Year and it is almost Christmas.

    Not sure if/how you can just switch to use the xF style, I think you would have to create a new style in Ct to match whatever style you use in xF, which I'll only think about if I decide Ct is the solution for me. I am sort of resigned to the fact that at first my site may have a different look to its front end and xF, although keeping colours the same.

    This post from Fred Sherman on the other thread is worth quoting:

    My biggest concerns at the moment is how complex the adminCP is, because it seems a fairly powerful piece of software, so there's loads of options and stuff to play with, but that's just a learning curve at the end of the day. However, I have very little experience of setting-up websites and there's currently no documentation apart from the install instructions, although it is planned, and there's not a lot of stuff posted in their support forums that can help - although that could change if I go with it. [​IMG]
  8. DoctorWatsOn

    DoctorWatsOn Well-Known Member

    I've changed the colours of the Ct install header to match my xF test install and that couldn't have been easier, below is a screengrab of the adminCP, in this example you're looking at changing the header colours.

    You see it displays the element(s) you are changing (i.e. the header here) and that changes as you select new colours by adding colour code or selecting from the little pop-up colour selector, which appears whenever you click on a specific colour code box.

  9. DoctorWatsOn

    DoctorWatsOn Well-Known Member

    OK, I've added a couple of extra blocks, which you'll see in the screengrab below.

    On the left is a 'Main Menu' block, this appeared with a link to the forum without needing to add it myself.

    On the right is a 'Latest Forum Topics' block, it pulls in information from xF with no problem at all, I posted a new test thread and as soon as I returned to the Ct page it was already sitting at the top of the list. New posts added to a thread seem to take 5-10 minutes to appear and the thread with the most recent reply moves to the top. You can edit this block as to which forums you what it to pull topics from and chose the number of topics to display between 5 to 50 in steps of 5 at a time.

  10. -GR-

    -GR- Well-Known Member

    Looks like you are making progress with it. I am still curious how much work would be involved getting it to be more customized to whatever style you want to work with. Whether it be using the style from xf or a different style all together. Contenteller seems to be a good solution but could definitely use a good default style.
  11. DoctorWatsOn

    DoctorWatsOn Well-Known Member

    I've found a problem, which is that you if are logged into either xF or Ct you have to login again to use the other part of the site, but I don't think this is a major problem judging by the reply on their support forums: "Most likely an issue with the cookie path. Possibly because you installed both Contentteller and XenForo in two separate subdirectories. I will look into it later."

    I seem to be, despite not having a clue what I am doing - lol, the adminCP freaked me out at first, but after just a few hours it's starting to make sense and, so far, I am enjoying the experience a lot more than that I had when I first started playing with vB4 CMS.

    Sussed out how to add new links in the header, which is well easy, also managed to stick up a temp Doctor WatsOn logo in the header, which was also easy enough - although it needs positioning.

    Me too, I have no experience whatsoever in styling, but I've looked at several Cf sites using customized styles and some of those look great, I guess it would be easy enough for someone that knows what they are doing. If anyone is interested in taking a look at that, you can download a free 30-day trail version to play with HERE.

    If Fred Sherman goes ahead with hiring someone to make a unified style, and if I decide to go ahead with Cf, I would consider chipping in on that project, which would be made available to others.
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  12. -GR-

    -GR- Well-Known Member

    What does the template system look like Doc?
  13. DoctorWatsOn

    DoctorWatsOn Well-Known Member

    TBH I haven't much of a clue when it comes to templates, I've just got to pop out to meet a mate for a couple of pints, but if you want to register on the test site HERE, when I get back I'll upgrade your account to admin and you can take a look for yourself and let us all know what you think on this thread. [​IMG]
  14. -GR-

    -GR- Well-Known Member

    Sounds good Doc. I wish I was at the time of day I could go enjoy some pints but alas I got a few more hours to go here at work LOL.

    I will register up tonight when I get home and help check it out. :D
  15. DoctorWatsOn

    DoctorWatsOn Well-Known Member

    TBF I can only do it because I've no more work on until the New Year, which sounds great, but it's mainly because one of my biggest clients has gone bust having bounced a £7k cheque on me. [​IMG]

    Excellent. [​IMG]
  16. -GR-

    -GR- Well-Known Member

    That's not good. Sorry to hear about that. Hopefully the new year brings more and better business for you.
  17. DoctorWatsOn

    DoctorWatsOn Well-Known Member

    Such is life, I've recovered £2k so far, with the promise of the rest to come in the New Year.
  18. -GR-

    -GR- Well-Known Member

    Hey Doc, for the login issue. Do you have your cookie domain set in your xf config file?
  19. Markos

    Markos Well-Known Member

    Thanks....i want to see the memberbase integration in comments if possible. :)
  20. DoctorWatsOn

    DoctorWatsOn Well-Known Member

    That has gone right over my head - lol. [​IMG] / [​IMG]

    I am a complete novice here, I haven't got a clue what I am doing - I only brought vB4 because I thought it was going to be a complete 'out of the box' and 'plug and play' solution to what I wanted to do with my site and instead I plugged and prayed for almost a year before getting to this point.

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