XF 1.5 Help removing subforum from display on main page

I looked around a few threads and tried a few different suggestions but wasn't able to get it. I attached an image for reference - I want to make it so that "Resolved Feedback" is not visible there under the Alpha Feedback forum. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you! :)


Thanks for the tip, but sorry I wasn't clear! I don't want to completely remove the forum from public view. I just want it to be removed from the main page. I'd still like it to be viewable when you go into the main forum (Alpha Feedback).


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Ah, okay, well in that case try this:
  • Edit template: node_forum_level_n
  • Add to the very top: <xen:if is="{$forum.node_id} != xx"> (replace xx with the ID number of the sub-forum you don't want to appear)
  • Add to the very bottom: </xen:if>
  • Save the template
Now refresh the homepage - has it gone?

Shaun :D

Steve F

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It would be easier just to use some CSS to hide the subforum link.

Add to EXTRA.css template
.node .subForumList {
        display: none;