XF 1.4 Help on where to put the "addthis" code on the website

Hi !

Recently I went to www.addthis.com to get their add-shortcut for my website which is www.forumhuru.com.

This website of www.addthis.com gave me a code,and this is what they said "Add the following code to the <body> of your website". I have gone to the "Style Property Groups" at the admin panel,then to the body-part and tried to paste the code at the Miscellaneous part,but it didn't work.

Any suggestion or help regarding where I should paste the code.

Thank you !!


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The FAQ in my signature explains where to add JS.

However, AddThis is already included - click on the post # ID on the right.


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I want to make the addthis share option more prominent at the post bit level - how would I do this? i.e., add a Share text or button next to the post#?