Help needed with converting UADisplay to XenForo

Okay, I just bought a XenForo license, now I need help with converting UADisplay into native XenForo code, please someone, a skilled developer, help me out with this so that we can get ForumBiodiversity into XenForo. UADisplay is under the GNU GPL v3, so it will not only benefit ForumBiodiversity, but other XenForo forum owners will be able to use this great plugin as well.

One thing I also wonder about, will the gender, location, age etc. be converted into XenForo? Please have a look at the postbit profiles here:

^^ I want all that stuff to follow with the XenForo conversion.
^^ Thanks, for a second there, I thought my post was deleted, lol.

Anyway, to any developer interested, here's the deal:


^^ I want this plugin ported to native XenForo code. It's licensed under the GNU GPL v3, so that means it's free for everyone to use. The uadisplay.php shouldn't be much of a problem, as it only contains PHP code for the browsers and operating system icons to read from. It will probably be mostly the same, left unchanged for the most part. The actual code that needs a rewriting, is the code in the product xml, that's the part that needs to be rewritten into native XenForo code. Basically making it compatible with XenForo, and pretty much the same settings in positioning the icons etc. (and also, making the text displaying the browser/OS versions visible when hovered over by the mouse). I'll still be the main developer maintaining the updates for new browsers and operating systems once that is done, but I need some help with the conversion. Of course, the developer who converts it will be credited for it, and he has to agree to release his portion of the code under the GPL.