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XF 1.4 help needed to find location of template

Ian S

Active member
hi again, just noticed the new dev site does not have this part pictured below, i inspected it in chrome and get this

div class="PanelScroller" id="Notices" data-vertical="0" data-speed="400" data-interval="4000">
<div class="scrollContainer">
<div class="PanelContainer">
<ol class="Panels">

<li class="panel Notice DismissParent notice_1">
<div class="baseHtml noticeContent">Hi testing, you can become a full member for just £15.00. <a href="http://dev.****.org/account/upgrades">Click here</a>.</div>

but i cant find it anywhere in the templates, but need some advice as i need to move it from old dev site to new dev site before the big switch on lol

thanx in advance for the help received


Ian S

Active member
im having a nightmare finding the line i need from the old template theres 2 page_containers a master and my skin which one would it be in

Ian S

Active member
yes, but i didnt personally its on the old dev site, i want the same notice so wanted to put on new dev site, it must be connected to the registered usergroup as it only comes up when a registered member logs in, ive tried but cant find it, checked custom templates too

is it easy to create one??

Ian S

Active member
thanx brogan, i found it before and looked at old dev and copied to new works now, thanx for your help again

i know i ask alot of questions but im nearly there now, but thats thanks to all you guys