Help me build a new PC :D


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My old PC's motherboard just died. It was a sign... its time for a new rig :)

So what would you build for a max budget of 1K?

Here is what I use my PC for:
  1. Video editing
  2. Unity/Game engine use
  3. Animation & 3D modeling
  4. Sound recordings for videos (quality sound needed)
  5. Expandability/Future proofing
  6. The ability to play & record Star Citizen (future-proofing)

Here are some priorities:
  1. Render speed
  2. Future expandability (I want to be able to get the new stuff if I need it later)
  3. Sound quality (recording)
MSI 1060 - 6GB
EVGA 700 WATT Power Supply (100-B1-0700-K1)


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Hmm, that build brings up an interesting question in my mind... namely if intel or AMD is the best way to go for someone has expansion in mind. Basically, I want to be able to create a computer which can be upgraded to do what I need it to do when the need arises. This is one of my most important priorities.

Does using AMD limit me on that front or is matching the motherboard and CPU the things that matter most.
AMD RYZEN's are feature proof and have great performance for their price.

No it does not, you can upgrade it like intel in the future.

But if you want the best AMD CPU simply go with 7 1700x, they have more cores and threads.