XF 1.2 Help! lost a feature in NodeTree "Create New" Function is gone!

how do i get it back please help i need it back i have no clue how this happened i been offline for the past 3 days now this feature is gone how do i get it back? what do i edit? i have access to development area as well
i have checked all my add ones by disabling them all and i still don't get it back i have over 500+ sections and sub forums and category the code in admin navigation is the same with the testing board like node_list and node_create or something node_navigation is all the same i don't see why this would disappear
i am attempting to re-install using 1.2.3 upgrade files but is this doesn't fix it i have no clue even with all the add ones disabled what am i suppose to do? please help
fixed it :)

enable debug mode go to admin templates and edit node_list set <xen:if is="{$nodeCount} < 500"> to <xen:if is="{$nodeCount} < 9999"> or a higher number to fix the "Create new" functions