Help! Java wont install?


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I tried to install java after trying to reset my IP address with a program, and then i couldnt connect to the internet, so i reformatted my computer, downgraded to Windows XP, than back up to vista, then when i tried to install Java, It said that the installation was interrupted, when i did nothing, ans i mean nothing, to interrupt it! And i cant uninstall it because it doesnt appear in my Add/Remove programs thingy. I dont know how to uninstall it. And guess what? Not even the offline installer will work! I even tried running Microsoft Fix-It Tool to remove the problem. I hit install, And the program i was looking for wasnt listed. Then Microsoft fix it Didnt change anything! How will i ever play Minceraft again?


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You may be better off asking for support on a more suitable forum.
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