Help. I had to shut down site due to spammers

Teddy Scott

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Ok, this is my fault for my lack of attendance.
I had to shut down my site due to spam. Now, I have deleted all the spam.
My problem? I have now over 1,000 spammers registered.
I have only about 50 or so actual members.. maybe more.. maybe less....
There are 58 pages of users registered, and would take me forever to delete each suspected spammer from the ACP. Is there not an easier way to purge those offending users? maybe via in the sql database itself?
What is the fastest way to get rid of them? I know I might not be able to keep them from returning, but I will at least gotten rid of the initial problem. They got on my site due to my weak settings such as no email confirm, etc. Lesson learned.

Mods, feel free to delete the other post in the questions forum. Thanks.


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Just thinking out loud (I have no idea if this is a viable solution, or the best one). Create a usergroup for those with more than x number of posts and promote everyone eligible to this group. Then everyone else would presumably be a spammer and you could delete everyone in that group.

Teddy Scott

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sounds like a plan.. still sound slow.. so the idea is to move them to the new group and just delete the group?
I am quite sure it will ask me what I want to do with those people in the group before deleting. Thanks for the input. I know either way is gonna be a pain. I might take a look at the database. I might be able to do it that way faster.

Teddy Scott

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looking at XF-User... all my main users are on top... and all the other ones are down the list. Looks like I can delete em out fairly quick....