XF 1.3 Help-combining 2 databases in PHPadmin

Blue chummer

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Hello ,
I am in the process of moving my database from my PC(localhost) installed xenforo to Cpanel.

Before uploading, I renamed my database.
Unfortunately I accidently didn't check all the tables while renaming it, and now I have my xenforo database split in half.

Seems like a easy fix but I am having issues combining the two halves into 1 whole on my PC.

One DB has 117 tables and the other 66 tables. Any help would be appreciated

thanks Andre


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There are various ways you can do it.
Using phpMyAdmin you can export/import, copy the database, etc.

Why not just drop the tables and do a new export/import from your PC?

Blue chummer

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Hi Brogan, thanks for the quick response.
I have DB1 - which has 117 tables. I have DB2- with 66 tables.
DB1 is missing about 40 of the tables from DB2 to make it whole.

I actually just need to transfer or copy those 40 tables from DB2 to DB1 so I can get it working again on my localhost.
What would be the smoothest way to accomplish this ? thanks

Blue chummer

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Well miracles do happen . I fixed it.

Man that was fun. I did it the long way. but it wasn't that hard.

I clicked on each of the 40 or so missing tables individually. then I clicked "operations" , then I clicked "copy table to database.... "

I did this for each of the missing files and I refreashed the localhost/community and I have it working again!

Pretty happy though , but I must learn how to do things easier in the future

Tracy Perry

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If you have shell access the below has worked for me in the past
find .-name '*.sql'| awk '{ print "source",$0 }'| mysql -u root -p --batch database_name