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Hello all!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hillbilly, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Hillbilly

    Hillbilly Member

    It's Brad from vB.org! :)

    I just wanted to stop by and say hey and hopefully see if any old friends are lurking around. I'm going to be building a new site around xenForo very soon and I'm excited to get back into the world of running my own community. :)

    Great work thus far guys, this new forum software is really nice! I can't wait to get started hacking away on it and getting our new site up and running!

    To all my old friends, I hope you've all been doing well and life has been good to you these last 5 years or so. ^^

    Good seeing so many familiar faces lurking around here!

    Anyway, take it easy everyone! My partners and I will be getting our license soon and getting to work on our new site ASAP. I'm obviously very excited about it. xD

    - Brad
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  2. ManagerJosh

    ManagerJosh Well-Known Member

    BRADDDDD!!! How we've missed you :p :p :p
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  3. Hillbilly

    Hillbilly Member

    I've missed you guys too!

    I was going to log-in to my vB.org account and say hey, but I forgot the password (probably reset it ages ago and never changed it) and no longer have access to the e-mail address that associated with it. :(

    Anyway, looks like everyone that's anyone has moved on to over here anyway! ;)

    I've been playing a ton of L4D1 on Xbox these last few years man, I play a ton of "serious" 4v4s. ;) I also play on steam now that I have a decent PC for gaming.

    Yes, that means I finally got broadband!!!!! :D

    Anyway, if you play L4D1 check out one of my vids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-6cELOQ6Po

    I'm actually in the process of editing my first frag video now. I just got a capture card a couple of months ago and I've been compiling a lot of footage to include in a frag video. :)

    Other than that I've just been taking it easy. Still living on the farm, but that will be changing in about a year as I'm hopefully going to have steady employment by then. I'll spare you the details, but, I'm back in school and loving it!

    Good to see you around Josh. I'm going to pass out, been up all night playing on steam. xD I'll check back tomorrow to see if any old faces replied.

    Take it easy, y'all hear? :p
  4. Luke F

    Luke F Well-Known Member

    Misao <3
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  5. Floris

    Floris Guest

    Brad =D
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  6. Hillbilly

    Hillbilly Member

    Hate to bump, but hey to you as well Floris! Are you still working with horses bud? Hope life has been good to you! :)

    I guess I should be using a profile post/PM for this? ;)

    @Darkimmortal: What's good man? I see you're a Lucky star fan too! I'm a big fan of that show, was watching it via fansub back when it first came out and I'm now going back and reading the Manga on my android phone (Mango app ftw!). Way back in the day I used to get my anime fix via IRC on a 14k dial-up connection....I was very thankful for those few friends that I had that didn't mind me staying connected for days on end just to download one episode. xD This was before you could buy most series in English...and the few you could were so censored and localized so much that it was just un-watchable. I can't stand dubs....

    Anyway, I fell out of that for years and finally got back into anime around the time lucky star and death note first came out. Watched both via fansubs then imported the DVDs from Japan when they finally came out. xD My Japanese is so rusty I can't understand half of what they say, so I add in some good English subtitles from a fan translation and away I go. I also import a lot of games from Japan (like Fatal Frame 4 for the Wii) and use a fan-patch so I can play it in English. I've been hooked on that Japanese kool-aid for a loooooooong time xD

    Anyone else lurking around from the vBulletin days? How are you guys liking xen-foro? :) I've been away for so long man....been trying to keep up though! Everything is so AJAXy now...I love it. :) I've mainly been learning my way around Linux/*BSD for the past 5 years. I only keep Windows around for gaming/video editing these days. ;) I kinda got away from the 'net for awhile as well aside from the few communities I joined for linux/bsd/L4D1. I don't do the whole social networking thing...although I did give G+ a try just to check it out since I got an invite from a friend.

    Oh...and I got really into hacking the Nintendo Wii, never really did any advanced work or well known projects but I've had a ton of fun hacking, breaking, and running homebrew on my own console. I also have a bad ass Dreamcast set-up now...I got an SD-Card adapter and a VGA box for it and set-up a mini-arcade, when my friends come over I pull out the arcade sticks and we have a blast playing MvC2, Capcom vs. SNK 2, Soul Caliber, and all those other great arcade games that got ported over back in the day. I <3 my Dreamcast!

    Enough rambling from me for now! ;) I got some zombies to slay, tonight almost everyone I play with is off work. So we're going to play some versus on L4D1 and hopefully have a blast. I'll be back later in the week to pay my entry fee and buy my license. :) As you know...if I come up with anything cool for my own site I'll be giving back to the community and contributing for sure.

    One last thing; Does Xenon, Marco or Erwin still lurk about anywhere? I'd like to get in contact with those guys if anyone knows how. If you can, tell them I said hey and I hope everything is going well for them. :)

    Until next time this is Brad, signing off! ;)

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