XF 1.2 Hearthstone Custom BBCode

Hey guys,

I need a help with something. Have a look here:

As you can see there is that Goblin link, when you hover you see an image with the card. I want a custom bb code on my XenForo that will be able to do that. As you can see all you have to do is add that custom HTML in Header and "you are all set"... but I'm still not sure how that will work on my forum.

1. A BBCode button that will create the link. I write the card name, select the card name, press BBCode button = automatically link.
2. Forum automatically converts the text to a hyperlink to that card. Not sure if possible but it will be awesome. Also this option should be enabled only on a particular forum since I don't want other text converted on forum categories that are not related.

I hope this made sense. Whatever works.

Thank You

P.S. Here are more info about this links tooltip on the WoW page. They should work the same.
Anyone please? I have no idea how to implement this custom BBCode or how to make this automatically.

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links from either wowhead.com or hearthhead.com will both be converted into the titles that are a link which also supports the little card...

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Interesting. But what if I write the name of the card without providing any link. Will that be converted automatically as well? That's something that I would really want.


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That is not how that script works, there is nothing in the script that would automatically turn text matching a valid item into a card, and to do that manually would be 2 things, A: a lot of work that would take a long time B:
would require me have a data sheet with nothing but items, their data, and the corresponding item id#s from those sites for the cards for those items.

It's doable but would require too much time invested to just whip up and throw out there and is more of a custom job if that is what you are looking for.

If the media site from that video does not suffice I am afraid I cannot help you


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While having the item list and -> item #s for the pages is a start, it would still require a custom addon as there is nothing to auto parse straight text with the media sites system, it will only parse links. Because of this, a custom addon to catch all instances of {ITEM NAMES} would still be needed and in that would need to be an array of all items in the list -> item url for the replacements to work.