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Hi, I'm designing a new layout and ideally want to use the XF header on all the pages. i.e. as an example, from the default XF header above, I'd want the tabs and the row below it on all pages, apart from the search box which would only be on some.

The breadcrumbs would also want to be on the page, although I could probably copy the design of them anyway.

The site has 4 main areas, News, Forum, Gallery, Shop. The design wants to be consistent throughout all the parts of the site, so using the XF header makes sense. The top menu could have links to the different areas (i.e. Home / Forum / Shop / Gallery / Latest News) and then the non forum bits include enough of the XF codebase to generate the header.

So, a few questions. A) How easy is it to do this and B) could nodes be used to facilitate this?

Could, for example, a Page Node be added (but not shown on the forum list) for the 'Shop' tab (which would link to the node) which would then be set to include the relevant PHP files to render the shop?

If so, can the breadcrumb have items added to it before its rendered by XF?

I hope there's enough info to understand what I'm trying to do! Any help would be appreciated.
Sort of yes. I already have the online shop / gallery stuff, I just to know if its possible include the PHP files for them, buffer the output and then display it where the page content goes.
Any chance a dev could answer this, its kinda key to a project I'm planning for a client at the moment.
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