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Is there a way to easily add a header logo image via upload on the admin side or does it have to be added via ftp? Will the logo stick when I change template? Hope this one is easy.


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The logo can be set per style.
It must be uploaded via FTP to the server but you can actually use any URL.



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Why not?

The system is flexible enough to allow you to use one logo for every style or one logo for each style.

I think I'm safe in saying that there would have been far more complaints if it wasn't possible to change logo for each style.
Very safe.


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Shouldn't this type of thing be global? Why per style?
This flexibility is good. It allows you for example to create different versions of the same style, for different holidays. This way you can quickly switch to a Christmas, New Year, Halloween logo...


- your main style with normal logo (parent style)
-- same style with Christmas logo (child style)
-- same style with Halloween logo (child style)
- other style (sibling style)
-- child style of sibling

But you can even use a global logo for all styles:

- your main style with global logo (parent style)
-- other style but with the same logo (child style)
-- and another style with the same logo (child style)

So you see the possibilities are endless, whereas they would have been very limited in case of one global setting.