XF 1.4 Header for XenForo website

Hi, my website is currently mine-bash.com, and I have a custom header I want to put on my website, and I don't know where to put it, at the top of a typical XenForo site it would say "(blue)xen(white)Foro" right? Well I was hoping I could replace that with a custom header/message. Thanks!
Wait...do you mean that, from my XenForo admin panel, or what I host with, in my FileZilla files, I go in that path, styles, etc etc. then I just replace the xenForo with my MineBash custom logo?
Firstly, upload your own logo to the server via FileZilla.
After that, copy the path that you uploaded the logo in ( ie. styles/.../ its up to you)
Finally, paste the path in "Header logo image path".