Having a hard time understanding the permission system

Lone Fox

I just moved my forum over form MyBB to xenForo. I thought I understood everything, because I ran a "test forum" on the side, to check things out.

I guess not, I need some help understanding what I'm doing wrong.

Right now, I have three "staff" members
member #1: Administrator
member #2: Administrator & Moderator ('Super Moderator')
member #3: Moderator

For both of my Administrators, members #1 and #2, I have theme assigned to the 'Administrator' group (ACP > Users > Administrators). ALL moderator permissions are selected, yet they can't do anything on the board - can't move threads, or edit posts for example.

Member #2 also has ALL moderator permissions selected in the 'Moderators' group.

There are no individual custom user permissions

Lone Fox

I sort of understand, for example I have a "Registered / Unprivileged" usergroup and a "Registered / Privileged" usergroup. The unprivileged group is the default registration group, and it lacks certain features that the privileged usergroup has; I have most of the settings in the privileged group set "Not Set", since they are 'Allow' in the unprivileged group.

...but I don't want to draw my post out too long.
member #1 is not planned to have major moderator privileges

Lone Fox

I think I figured out what I did...

When I created a 'super moderator' and assigned all moderating permissions, for some reason I set 'Not Set' in the user custom permissions area to that particular member - which essentially revoked all moderating privileges?
Just to be clear, I'm not even talking about the user group settings

I'm a goof ball.

Lone Fox


Its safe to say that adding a member to the 'Moderator' or 'Administrator' group (not usergroup) and setting certain/or all moderator permissions will create a 'user with custom permissions' for that particular user.

Just don't set everything to "Not Set" for that particular users custom permissions and make a thread about how its not working like I did :D
Probably simple for you guys/gals to get, but this somehow slipped my mind.