Have You Seen...?


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Have You Seen...? hasn't been updated for 2 weeks now , have we seen it all ? or is there more in store !

I have such high expectation of xenForo, that every time i visit the site; i check "Have You Seen...?" forum before seeing what's new.

Sorry for being impatient, i am sure there are others out there like me :p



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I'm sure there's plenty more, it just probably hasn't been written or polished yet, or they just haven't had time to create a video for it. I'm sure an update will come soon. :p


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Yes this has been the longest wait so far. I check it each day too ^^

I'm not sure what else they have left to do, but the forums to me look nearly complete.


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I also check the have you seen forum each time I get on this forum so you are not alone :)
I am also checking the announcement forum everytime hoping for some release information :D