Lack of interest Have you considered Docker as a deployment option?


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Using docker makes it super-easy for non-devs to deploy, and alleviates a lot of the support headaches caused by users not having the right php or mysql version.

This means users wouldn't be able to host with traditional shared hosting, but VPS accounts are getting cheaper all the time (DO is ~$10 a month, and this will only get cheaper) and I suspect most folks who'd pay for a Xenforo license wouldn't mind paying $10 a month for hosting (and likely cheaper than what many are paying already).

It'd also let you upgrade your underlying dependencies whenever you want--just tell users to upgrade their docker container.

Installing/upgrading a docker container is only a couple of terminal commands--very easy to just put those in an install guide and tell users to copy/paste from there.

Here's a better explanation of what I mean: