Lack of interest Have pop up to stop you leaving two-step verification page half way through process

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When regenerating a code, you check this box, then proceed


On the next page you can use an authenticator app to add the account to your app using the QR code.

You then have to enter the code back onto the forum from the app, and click confirm


If you're in a rush, you may not read this properly and think the process is complete once the account appears on the app along with your username etc. and starts ticking down with the code as usual.

If you then accidentally navigate away from this web page without confirming the code, the account ends up in limbo I think. Any previous Authy users won't work, and the new one wont work either.

I think this is what happened when I posted a problem with 2SV a while back. I forgot to enter the code back after regenerating the key and navigated away.

You could have a pop up that prevents the user from leaving that page until they complete the process.


It seems silly, but if you don't read the page properly and rush it, that pop up would help the user realise the process isn't finished yet.

Some users are silly and rush, case in point, me :oops:
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