Lack of interest Have a standardised way of highlighting options added to the ACP by add-ons


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When you have lots of add ons installed, more and more options get added to various pages in the ACP.

If the add on is tweaking an existing page or feature, it may not have it's own options page. If this is the case then extra fields, checkboxes and tabs may be subtly inserted into various parts of the ACP.

If there was a way for add on developers to highlight that these options are now appearing due to a 3rd party add on being installed it would allow admins to better recognise when these fields are added, why the have appeared and therefore what impact interacting with the option may have.

It would be good to have this standardised to keep the ACP looking clean and organised instead of having different styling from different developers.

It would also probably reduce the amount of trouble shooting threads appearing on here as the admin may be able to trouble sheet any issues to do with 3rd party add ons more effectively on their own before reaching out for help.

Jake already does something like this in his Nodes as Tabs add on