Has the Resource Manager reduced discussion posts about Add-ons ?

Digital Doctor

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Q: Has anyone noticed / felt that discussions about Add-ons have decreased since the Resource Manager was introduced ?

I am referring to the number of posts in the discussion thread. Just me ? Note: I am not saying it is positive or negative.


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I've never released my addons under the old-system as I'm fairly new to the community, but I would assume given that the discussion is a click away rather than being embedded on the same page as the resource info that this would be the case.

I don't think it's a bad thing though as I'd suspect it only filters out the useless posts. If people can't be bothered to click the Discussions link they probably didn't have much to contribute to the discussion anyway.


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In my honest opinion, whilst the RM is a great peice of work, I think the overall implementation has been negative.

I think thats just my preference that I would prefer to browse resources in a forum style way opposed to the new categoried way.


Maybe a contributing factor is that there are fewer question about where to find the resources since they are right there? ;)

Also likely that some people are holding off on add-on development until there is more clarity on 1.2 and what it includes, so there is less "newer" content that tends to generate more posts?

Plus some probably just haven't bothered converting their old regular forum thread to the RM, so it's not even really fair to compare the two as you need to compare the "old discussions" with the "combination of old discussions and new RM discussions".

And finally .. as long as the old discussions are still open, people searching will get results from both old forum and new RM .. so a smaller percentage of people actually hit the RM thread.

Not really the end of the world by any stretch .. transitioning things always has that affect for a while .. plus with what some people see as uncertainty with the future of xF (I'm not saying it's in doubt at all .. but it's a fact that a good portion of people feel that way .. and that has an affect on participation levels), it's not really a fair comparison to make at this point. If it ever becomes available and installed on a larger number of sites then you'll be able to make a fairer comparison!

Also .. don't forget .. that in the end sometimes less posts simply means that things are more targeted, clear and/or easier to understand .. as with most things for forum posts .. the true comparison should be on quality as opposed to quantity .. and that comparison isn't an easy one to make .. particularly given all the above xF-specific variables mentioned above! ;)

On a personal note .. I'm really dying to try it out as it has the potential to be a very powerful tool and reduce the need for less reliable 3rd party add-ons .. I'm hesitant to restart my forums full force until it is available precisely because I don't want to have to bother with a "transition period"!

Digital Doctor

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Great thoughts here.
FWIW, I think the RM could be a useful tool to accomplish many things.
This thread isn't about the RM and it's usefulness.
It's specifically about "relatively sustained drop"* in posts in the discussion thread related to each addon.

* = perceived by me.


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I expect most people are "users" of add-ons and once they've installed it and it's working on their site would be unlikely to come back and comment on it (or just plain forget to).