XF 1.2 Has anyones used colorize ?


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There is a style called colorize ?
Let me say that I came from SMF, and changing anything from default theme was and idiot move as any add on messed sometimes very badly with the programming.
Two questions :

1. Is switching style save to modifications ?

2. has anyone used the colorize style where you input and donwload it ?



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Support for add-ons on styles is up to the developers and the designers. Developers here often utilize the same classes and such that base Xenforo uses, so things like your headers and blocks will be consistent across the core forum and the add-ons. Some of the more complex add-ons may require fine-tuning to fit your style, but again, it depends on how the add-on has been coded. In my experience with Xenforo, it hasn't been a problem.

Some of the high quality designers here will include styling or support for popular add-ons. If you're using a custom style and an add-on doesn't look quite right on it, I imagine most designers would help you with it (if they provide support, which again is dependent on the actual person).