Has anyone else changed their admin cp logo?


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xD it looks funny :p
Love your logo Arny, and no I'd never thought of doing this.
Perhaps I should. :)
Thanks :)

Yeah, it's our new logo that was just completed a couple of days ago and we're just starting to incorporate the graphical 'stuff' on TeeVeeTown. ;)

But, as far as the admincp, I noticed someone here on xF doing it in a post somewhere and thought it was cool to use the logo there :D


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I was checking out your forums. I find the gray to be very bland and boring to be honest. I looked at it and did not think that style suits your community topic. Maybe try a lighter more vibrant style.


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Thanks for the feedback D37! :)

We're actually going to be sprucing the community up with graphical icons and such. So, we're hoping to get the 'live and in color' feel that we're looking for. :D


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Yes sir. Just right click on the xenForo logo above your login area and check the url for the file path :)
Hmmm. Too bad that, for every upgrade, you have to overwrite that path, unless you delete the image from the upload folder.

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Yes, Carlos, you can. :p

Arny, awesome logo! Could you perhaps PM me the name/site of the guy/gal who did it? That's some proper graphics work right there.


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Since we support across multiple products I tend to leave the ACP alone so I don't confuse the hell out of myself :)

Like you graphic though.