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Hangin' around until it's my time...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Stilgar, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Stilgar

    Stilgar New Member

    Hello all,

    I was a fan of some other forum software for quite some time. Ran three forums at one point.

    Well, I've been just waiting for something better to come around ever since the latest and not so greates version of my current software came out.

    It looks like my wait it over! Uh... well, no it's not. :( This family man is broke! Yes, I'll just have to troll, er.. stroll everyone elses new xF's until I can get a shiney new one of my own. That is, if non-owners are allowed to bum around here. :D

    And that is my story,

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  2. Peggy

    Peggy Well-Known Member

    Welcome to XenForo, Stilgar! You're welcome to bum around all you'd like. :)
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  3. Stilgar

    Stilgar New Member

    Thanks Peggy! :)
  4. v7web

    v7web Active Member

    Your wait is definitely over, xenForo is brilliant and its still in beta.
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  5. Chimpie

    Chimpie Well-Known Member

    Take this opportunity to play around from the end-user's point of view. Take notes about what you like and don't like.

    When the time is right and you're able to purchase your license you'll have a game plan on what you'd like to do. =)
  6. DoctorWatsOn

    DoctorWatsOn Well-Known Member

    I hope so, I’ve been here since a few hours after the site was launched, but I’ve not brought a licence yet.

    It was never my intention to do so straight off, as I need a decent calendar & CMS, or a bridge to WordPress, which I am sure will be along soon enough, so I am watching, waiting & supporting xF by spreading the word.

    Also I don’t touch the server end of things, so there’s the added cost of getting my tech guy to set things up. In view of the IB announcement this week I was going to buy a licence anyway, so my tech guy could play with it.

    However, he’s involved with a big board that wasn’t planning to buy it straight away, but changed their minds this week, so he’s already playing with it on their test site. :D

    I am happy to wait a little longer and pay the extra $40, and if any legal fund is set-up I’ll be chipping into that too.

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