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[HA] SMS: NovinPayamk 1.1.0

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Dadparvar submitted a new resource:

SMS users using criteria (Novin Payamk) - Send SMS to members using criteria and use tags of all custom fields in your message


With this add-on, you can send SMS to all your members that supports:
  • Full User Criteria
  • {phrase:phrase_title} which will be replaced with the phrase text in the recipient's language
  • Custom fields value can be parsed using {custom_field_{field_id}}
Some screenshots:

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Dadparvar updated SMS users using criteria (Novin Payamk) with a new update entry:

Rewrite + lots of new features

This version is a very big update! please remove the previous version and install this one!

Massive Changes:
  • Completely Rewritten
  • There is no need to a separate core anymore
  • Add-on's name changed to [HA] SMS: NovinPayamak
Added Features:
  • Export Numbers
    • Based On User Group
    • Ability to select primary or secondary user group
    • Ability to set to contain username and user id next to numbers...

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