[h] Choose default Profile Tab

[h] Choose default Profile Tab 1.0.1

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Hoffi submitted a new resource:

[h] Choose default Profile Tab - You can set the tab, which is open if a visitor opens a profile page

It's a very small AddOn. Just a small JavaScript File.

Upload the upload folder to your server.
Install the XML File.

German Version inside avaiable powered by XenDACH.

The you got a new Setting inside the Useroptions.

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Just enter any number. Count the opened Tab from the beginning and start with 0.

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Installed under xenforo 1.3.5 and it works also after the update to xenforo 1.4. I used an ealy version direct from xendach.de.
Thanks - this should be default in xenforo control panel settings...



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Hello , i noticed , tis option apples only for login users , but when guest visit its opens default tab , witch is 1st one ., any thought on this ?