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Brent W

Well-known member
We purchased the domain a little over a week ago and have decided to build the site around xenForo. We toyed with Wordpress and xenForo but did not want to mess with trying to get the two to play nice together.

Nothing really special about it right now but that will change over time. As soon as we can steal @Chris Deeming we have some cool things we are going to work on.

If you live around the Gulf Coast or just enjoy vacationing there, feel free to join up. :)


Mike Edge

Well-known member
That isn't what we paid for it.

Yeah that's the BIN, you can offer less and owner can accept or reject. I just won a domain first time on GoDaddy auctions too.. How long does it take to push to your account? I got the letter I won, made Paypal payment etc att 11:30pm last night, but it isn't in my account yet and the whois info still shows old owner info.

Brent W

Well-known member
It was same day as Escrow cleared that it was in our account but we didn't go through GoDaddy auctions, we contacted the owner outside.