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Adam Howard

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Caution : Please read in full before agreeing

Alpha software is not stable. It is what comes before beta and 3 steps before the final version.
It will most likely fail, crash, and destroy things beyond recovery
It will have bugs
You should only use it on a separate test site on its own server.
DO NOT use on your home site. No help or support provided if you are that stupid.
Thank you
Alpha Requirements
  • 2 independent web hosting accounts (for remote usages)
  • 2 XenForo sites (remember, you're going to not use a live site for the alpha)
  • 1 Yabb forum
  • 1 MyBB forum
  • Knowledge of php, mysql, perl, curl, and generally how to follow and read an error log.
-- Preferably VPS or Dedicated. It needs to be optimized further before I would suggest using this on a small shared account. This is raw code and not final.​
  • What you'll be testing (3 total)
XenForo to XenForo Merger
MyBB to XenForo
Yabb to XenForo
There will be the option to do a local import and a remote import and I would like people who could test both.​
I'm not ready yet for Alpha testers, but I would like to know in advance who would be interest.​
This is going to take sometime....This will be a free and open source project once it's released.​
The official release date is: When it is ready (not a moment sooner).​
NOTE: If you're already working on any of the above and plan on freely releasing it into the community, please let me know. If you're further along than I... I can simply drop one of these features.​

Adam Howard

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Small update on the progress of this....

I've scrubbed the remote import option... ie... This will not move your import onto a different server. You will need to run this as you would any other importer (on the same location or on localhost).

Yabb to XenForo will be it's own separate importer Stand alone. That one is ending up to be more work than expected. It will be completed at a later date.

The rest is still being developed and progress is on going..... :)