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Do you offer the option for a guest to start a thread and/or reply to an existing thread WITHOUT signing up, but rather by only providing name and e-mail address?

Tracy Perry

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Great! Where do I set it up?
By asking in the licensed owner thread for support and not the Pre Sales Questions forum?
Of course, if you don't have a valid license (I have no way of knowing about that) then you won't be able to post there.

If you are playing with the Demo then that may be different kettle of fish, but generally support is not provided in an open area like this.


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Is it possible to modify the template so that an email address field is added to the guest posting page as a required field?


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I'm seeing that many features can only be accomplished via add-ons.

Does the use of many add-ons affect performance?


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That depends on the add-on, what it does and how well it has been written.

One poorly written add-on can be worse than 50 well coded add-ons.